Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10月28日のクラス(ブログのEvaluation Criteria)


At the end of the semester we will have an evaluation of your blog by not only your teachers but also by yourself and your classmates. We will use the results of your discussions today as a basis for deciding the criteria we will use to evaluate your blogs at the end of the semester.

* Choose one person as a group leader and she will post the result of your discussion in the comment column of this blog. Make sure to include your names (all the names of your group-mates) with the posting so we know that you have commented.


Serenna said...


-use of pictures
-use of grammar points
-length of blog entries
-effort in trying to use new vocabulary and grammar

カルメン said...


-incorporation of current grammar structures in class
-blog is aesthetically pleasing
-use of pictures and videos (make blog more interactive)
-interesting entries

れいこ said...


-inclusion of photos and/or videos
-a minimum of five sentences a post
-interesting topics
-use of new grammar and vocab

Lucia said...

- blog has images, viedos, etc.
- good use of vocabulary and new grammar patterns, etc.
- frequent response to comments
- has a wide variety and/or interesting topics.

Melissa C. said...

-has pictures/vidoes
-incorporates new grammar
-incorporates new vocabulary
-has at least 4+ post per semester

いちご said...

-Use of new vocabulary and grammar
-Short yet descriptive entries
-Use of interesting topics
-Interactive with readers

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